Fixed Setup:

As usual she was standing at the door,
I called out ‘Maaa’ returning from school with 1st rank,
An ugly man in Black suit entered my house, pulling her inside and Maa closed the curtains.
Hours later, She got the most expensive Sweets from KM Mithaiwala seeing my report with 1st Rank,
I realized this business helps you to earn big,
And That’s how even I became One! Following my Mother’s footsteps.


Open Setup:

I was standing at the main gate of my college when it suddenly started raining cats and dogs. It was 9 and I could see a light shine, irritating my eyes and making me irresistible and wanting me to know the mystery behind what that thing was. In this horrific rainfall, I went behind following where the light came from. It was pitch dark and my way was pretty clear, but the noises around me were making it a difficult job for me to walk alone on the path. I could hear footsteps behind me but not turning back and looking was a better option, I kept on following the light but it was never ending, I could see a van standing on the right and I could see a shadow on the inside. It was really a bad choice to follow the light and landing up in the middle of the forest. I’d no idea what to do, I could see a man waving his hand right at the tip of the roadway, was it a helping hand or will it be my last stand? As i took a step ahead, I saw a big shadow behind me with a sharp tool in hand, as I turned around, I screamed and I woke up listening to the alarm clock ringing . It was just a dream, thank god, but when I saw my legs wet and blood spilled on my clothes, it was not a dream and made me screamm!




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