Movie Review 2: The Ghazi Attack


MOVIE: The Ghazi Attack.

DIRECTOR: Sankalp Reddy.

CAST: Om Puri, Ranna Daggubati, Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kulkarni and Tapsee Panu.

PRODUCTION: Dharma Productions and AA Films.

REVIEW: The Ghazi Attack is one of the latest movies release . This first underwater war film directed by debutant Sankalp Reddy revolves around the Indo-pak war of 1971. This movie being first of its kind and being released in Telugu and well as Hindi attracts a large amount of audience providing elements of drama,action, heroism and patriotism. However, this movie had a few pros and cons. The cast with such mature and versatile actors proved to be its biggest strength where they got into the characters of naval officers and strongly potrayed their parts. But the technical terms related to the naval force don’t seem to please the audience much. The first half of the movie seems to be elongated forcefully not giving a clear picture of the plot. However, the second half proves to be very informative and grabs the attention of the audience. The director has caught the climax well in the second half. The actors do a remarkable job but Tapsee Panu being a good actor doesn’t get much chance to display her talent. Overall, this underwater thriller is worth watching. It leaves you in the awe of soldiers who lay their lives for our country.

STARS: 3/5


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