Right to Love


I could see the love in her eyes, they reflected pure love which we don’t see nowadays in relationships. She blushed when I asked her his name for the record. I met Naina, the 27-year-old eunuch for a friend’s project. Naina begs on the signals of Mith chowki and earns her living. After every 6 months she goes to her village to meet her lover.

Even though she was an intersex, her boyfriend accepted her the way she was and fell in love with her pretty eyes. A love story one might not believe in, but pure than many which exist today just with labels.

We live in the 21st century where relationships​ have got different forms. Textationship, friends with benefits, and many more. When two people are attracted to one another they are termed as a couple. Two consents make a relationship. So why can’t the consents of Naina and her boyfriend give them a place in the society? Why does their love has to stay hidden​ behind the curtains?

This isn’t just the story of Naina but millions of people like Nainas who can’t love the person of their own sex.

If a person has the right to vote, why not right to love?!

Love is the biggest power human own. Love is the purest emotion. Love is the never-ending act.

Love can’t be restricted, it always finds it’s way to connect two souls.

We live in a country where black money can flow between two people, but love is restricted from flowing between two people of the same genders. Why can’t a transgender get married to the man he loves?! 

When I was speaking to the other eunuchs about media representation of transgender, one said she loves the way the Colors TV Channel Daily Soap ‘Shakti’ shows a transgender finding her true love which gives them the hope everyday that their Love can fight the world and make its own place in this world.

It’s high time our Government and people with old mentality should realise it’s True love which should win over Legal love. We tell our kids to choose a partner of the same religion and with a stable job,  still divorces get registered, right? Why can’t we teach our kids to love anyone they want, but to love them truly, deeply and madly. Because that’s what Love is, You can never see it, you always feel it.

Thank you! 


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